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Mechanical Engineering

Here I will begin to create the first steps towards developing a mechanical engineering bachelor degree. I studied mechanical engineering myself, both the bachelor and master degree. In the first step I will provide some useful links to free resources, which will help you understand the topics including some exercises. Shortly after that I will create a learning path you can follow. Then Kaizen University will create their own learning material as well as a learning platform. From there it will get constantly improved and extended. Consider donating, if you feel there is value!

What is Mechanical Engineering? The big overview:

Arguably the most important software for a mechanical engineer is a 3D modelling program (CAD). There exists an open source software called FreeCAD you can use. I highly recommend getting familiar with 3D modeling as soon as possible. Every physical product gets developed using such a program. Here is the link:

FreeCAD: Your own 3D parametric modeler
FreeCAD, the open source 3D parametric modeler


For mechanical engineers, Python (a high level programming language) can be pivotal in several specific applications:

  • Design Optimization: Using Python scripts, engineers can automate the process of iterating through design parameters to find optimal solutions, significantly reducing the time required compared to manual calculations or adjustments.
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Automation: Python can automate the setup and execution of FEA simulations in software like ANSYS, allowing for batch processing of simulations and extraction of results for further analysis.
  • Thermodynamic Calculations: Python can be used to develop scripts for calculating properties of materials, fluid dynamics, and heat transfer scenarios, aiding in the design of systems like HVAC, engines, and refrigeration.
  • Vibration Analysis: Engineers can use Python to analyze vibration data from machinery or structures, helping in the diagnosis of issues and the design of more robust systems.
  • Robotics and Control Systems: Python, in conjunction with libraries like ROS (Robot Operating System), can be used to program and simulate the behavior of robots, including their movements and interactions with the environment.

These examples showcase how Python can significantly impact the efficiency, accuracy, and innovation in mechanical engineering projects. FreeCAD for example can also be automated using Python.

So we recommend getting a certificate from This course will prepare you well for using Python.
Learn to Code — For Free

If you want a more robust knowledge and a second perspective, complete also the following course:

PY4E - Python for Everybody

The Efficient Engineer
The Efficient Engineer is a channel aimed at mechanical and civil engineers. The mission is to simplify engineering concepts, one video at a time!

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