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Embracing the Japanese Kaizen philosophy of continuous and never-ending improvement, we are on a mission to redefine education globally.

As an independent non-profit organization(not yet registered), we are dedicated to pioneering the concept of an open-source university. Our vision is to make high-quality higher education accessible to everyone around the world, completely free of charge. All you need to bring is your curiosity and motivation to excel in your chosen field.

Unlike traditional universities, we leverage modern technology and the latest advancements in educational research to propel our mission forward. While conventional institutions rely on professors delivering static lectures, we will developed cutting-edge software that undergoes daily enhancements. This dynamic approach ensures that our learning platform consistently evolves, surpassing the quality of traditional universities.

At OAIT, we believe in breaking barriers, fostering innovation, and empowering learners globally. Join us on this transformative journey where education knows no bounds, and excellence is a continuous pursuit.